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ABC Science Site Telstra award winning site for 1999. Worth a visit. It covers a lot of ground, in interesting ways and even has a bird recognition link

Scientific American Anyone who has read the Scientific American will appreciate that this site. As with the magazine, its of the highest world quality. A great place for a browse. Site kept current with weekly changes.

New Scientist Magazine This is an excellent site that carries the full flavour, style and intelligence, of the magazine. A great resource for those with an enquiring mind, and who have at least a passing interest in the broad reach of scientific enquiry and independence of view.

Newswise Scinews : this is my favourite site for getting press releases and background on breaking stories. It has nifty search functions.

Popular Science This site is the on-line science section of the the magazine Popular Science.

Fox News Science Site An excellent newspaper style site from Fox News. Carries up to the minute articles on scientific breakthroughs in laymans language. Well recommended.

Volcanoes of the world . Yes, not really news — until the next eruption!


Science history

Scientific American in the 19th century : download pages as GIFs at various scales, PDFs for printing or as OCR text (sometimes dodgy). Work back up the chain to find a wealth of material.

The letters of T. H. Huxley : see if you can find where he met his future wife!

The letters of Charles Darwin : a major correspondence collection

Historical statistics and managing them

British Society for the History of Mathematics . Check their gazetteer, which shows you who lived where!

Medical eponyms : who were all of those people who had diseases and syndromes named after them?

The Victorian web : the occasional reference might lead you to infer (correctly) that I am currently working on a history of science that covers this era. You still need print, microfilm and original documents, but this is an excellent resource!

So is the Illustrated London News , and this is a site where you can see what to chase.


Medical stuff

Fair testing in medicine is quite a complicated topic. Can you see eye to eye with double-blind methodology?

Dorland's Medical Dictionary : excellent background stuff.


Science reference

A glossary for the days of sail.

Nobel Prizes . Find out all about all of the Nobel laureates at this site.

The Usenet Physics FAQ : answer all those knotty problems that you never quite 'got'.



Science Discovery The Space Shuttle, Hubble telescope, Cassini mission and much more. Many other real time interesting links. If you are clever you'll realise that you need to look at this sites live camera offerings during the USA hours of light.

Search For Extra Terrestrials This is the Berkeley University SETI site at which you can use your computer in a unique world wide link to analyse radio astronomy data from the SETI project. Only for the dedicated!

APOD : Astronomy Picture of the Day


Amazing science

Why Galileo knew giants could not exist


Science resources

Australian Sceptics Assn. A site for the investigation of pseudo-science and the paranormal from a responsible scientific point of view. Don’t visit here if you enjoy believing in fairies

How Things Work A very interesting site for those of us who want to know how things work, from Atomic Bombs to whatever starts with Z, and not be bedazzled with jargon. Many great links to science portal type sites, as well.

Science project ideas . Yes, this one is mine, as are the next two. This saves me porting all the stuff across.

Science links for science projects or for general use. Most of these links have links themselves.

Australian science and technology timeline with links that need to be checked again.

John Pearce's science page — directed at schools, but with general applications.



I hope John Spain won't mind :-) These are the places I turn to when i need a quick fix

The best 46 freeware downloads

Freeware alternatives for everything


Finding books without Amazon

Worldcat: this is indeed a world catalogue.

Libraries Australia : find out what Australian libraries hold a hard-to-find resource.

Project Gutenberg : plain text of public domain books. This is a good jumping-off point.


Unclassified but good

Discovery Learn something new every day is the motto of this science site. Wide ranging general topical information from cloned cows to bubble spacecraft.


Inventions Assistance The Industry Development Centre (Hunter) Ltd (IDC) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1992 by the Australian Government. The centre specialises in innovation services, which it delivers throughout Australia from its base at University of Newcastle. Innovation services are provided in three (3) main areas including education, evaluation and commercialisation. We have included this link to replace the previous Inventions Support Centre site which is no longer accessible.


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